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Contemplating a need to Move Incredimail to Windows Live Mail for accessing IMM files of Incredimail in Live Mail?

Then you have reached the right place, here you can find the MailMigra for Incredimail software at very affordable price. Use its easy procedure to get Incredimail messages converted in EML format which you can later view in Live Mail. In only few steps the program Move Incredimail to Live Mail and that with all of its data intact.

The use of some outer tool is must for converting IMM into EML as Incredimail do not have any option to export messages in some other application. But this should not worry you as our Incredimail Converter is secure program which do not harm any of your data in converting Incredimail to Live Mail and provides an accurate and intact conversion.

Demo gives a clear idea

Demo edition of the program is offer to users so that they are able to check whether the software working is proper or not. Though it only converts 10 Emails from each IMM file, but since it’s for free, there is no loss in trying it and you can well decide after using it whether you want to purchase the program or not.

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Many user do not the store location and sometime even after knowing it user could not find it. Though its location is:
C:\Documents&Settings\{Profile Name}\LocalSettings\ApplicationData\IM\Identities\{GUID}\Message Store\

But with MailMigra product user will not have go through all this procedure, because the software itself takes you to the location where incredimail emails are store, all left for you to do is select the IMM files from there and then Move Incredimail to Live Mail.

Features List

  • Move Incredimail to Windows Live Mail with all data and info of metadata & formatting with the program.
  • There is also the choice of transferring the attachment files in Live Mail.
  • Run the Incredimail Converter in all Windows OS without any trouble.
  • Move emails from any Incredimail version to Windows 7 Mail.
  • Batch and single both conversion modes are available
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy and structure

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